General Guidelines

Sunday, August 25, 2019 -- NOON to 4:00PM

NOTE: If you pay the $27.00 organization fee, you will be provided with a 6 foot long table. If you pay $19.00 (only applicable to fraternity/ sorority under the 4 Greek councils- Black Greek, Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and United Greek Councils), you must provide your own table.

The purpose of Quad Day is to expose students to the diverse opportunities available for becoming involved in the campus community, especially student organizations. This is one of the few opportunities (but not the only one) student organizations have to introduce themselves to the campus. Because of this, registered student organizations are given preference in assignment of space on Quad Day. However, appropriate space will be reserved for university departments and community non-profit agencies as these services are also of benefit to those who attend Quad Day. All organizations participating in Quad Day are given space for the purposes of providing the campus community with information concerning the group's purpose, goals, and involvement opportunities.

Organizational representatives should read each statement below regarding event procedures.

  • You MUST re-register by NOON Tuesday, July 30, 2019 in order to participate in Quad Day.
  • Submission of an application DOES NOT guarantee a spot at Quad Day; space is granted on a first come-first serve basis pending the organization is registered and in good standing with the Office of Registered Organizations (complete roster, no outstanding or delinquent financial obligations or disciplinary holds).
  • Please confirm with the Office of Registered Organizations regarding your current status as an RSO prior to registering for Quad Day. NO REFUNDS will be given to any RSO who is denied a spot due to not being in good standing with the Office of Registered Organizations (complete roster, no outstanding or delinquent financial obligations or disciplinary holds).
  • Due to the high volume of people and limited space available, all organizations, including their members and displays MUST remain in their designated area during Quad Day. Each organization is permitted only ONE assigned space. Members or their displays must not encroach upon another organization's area or into traffic areas--any such displays will be taken down immediately and members will be asked to leave. Double registrations will not be assigned. The duplicate registration will be removed and No refunds will be given.
  • Organizations should apply and will be assigned space on the Quad categorically, based on how they are registered with the Illini Union Office of Registered Organizations. Please make sure to check for accuracy, the name of your organization before registering as the name in UofIConnections must reflect the name you are registering for Quad Day.
  • Should your organization want to bring a tent, they must be confined to the area assigned to your organization. Any organization that has a tent that exceeds their assigned space will be asked to remove the structure. No stakes are permitted to anchor the tent into the ground. Please note that some locations may not support the use of tents due to light poles, fencing, shrubs, etc. If the organization has a tent and it is obstructed by a permanent structure, the organization may not be able to utilize a tent.
  • Organizations with booth set-up plans other than the standard set-up (table/chair/tent) will be asked to apply for a Demonstration Area space. Details regarding the demonstration area can be found at the link below. The Demonstration Area is restricted to displays deemed inappropriate for table use and is up to the discretion of the Director for the Office of Registered Organizations.
  • When you register for Quad Day, you MUST use your email.
  • Organizations must have checked in at the Quad Day Information Booth (located at the north end of the Quad – open at 10:00 am) and be present at their booths prior to 11:45am on Quad Day. Organizations who have not done so will automatically forfeit their space and it may be reassigned to another organization. Check in will begin at 10 am.
  • Organizations are not allowed to solicit or exchange any funds or sell any items of any kind.
  • Organizations are allowed to distribute pre-packaged candy, food, and/or beverages at their tables.
  • Organizational representatives must remain behind the tables. They may not place themselves in the flow of traffic to pass out information or for any other purpose. Organizations that violate this policy will be required to leave.
  • NO electricity will be provided to participating organizations outside of the demonstration area. If the exhibit requires the use of power, please make alternate arrangements for the display.
  • Consistent with Building and Grounds policies, no stakes, poles, or tents may be driven into the ground and heavy equipment is prohibited on the Quad. Also, no vehicles are permitted on the grass area for any reason.
  • Failure to comply with any part of this contract or the Quad Day Rules and Procedures may result in the withdrawal of all rights to participate in this or FUTURE Quad Days.
  • Quad Day registration payment is non-refundable.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Registered Organizations, Illini Union Room 284. Quad Day inquiries may be directed to Dementro Powell, Quad Day Coordinator, at or (217) 244-2357.

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