Student Organization Resource Fee

The Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) was established in 1978 to support programs and activities of Registered Organizations. We serve the Illinois campus community by funding Registered Student Organization programs and activities.

Student Organization Resource Fee is a mandatory $5.50 fee collected each semester from all UIUC students.

The fee money is available for allocation to Registered Student Organizations that apply for funding from SORF. Fundable categories include contractual services including transportation and lodging expenses, film, equipment, rentals (facility, equipment, services) and publications/communications.

SORF also provides financial support to offset the cost of off-campus travel for educational, competitive, performance, and service experiences that are relevant to the organization's mission.

A funding board comprised of elected students and appointed staff is responsible for allocating money generated from SORF fees to Registered Student Organizations.

Apply for funding here:



Complete a funding application as a treasurer of an organization here.



Submit your completed application by noon on the deadlines available here. Late submissions will not be accepted.



Members of the SORF Board will review your application and ask you any questions they may have through email. SORF Board Funding Standards can be found here. To follow your application throughout the review process go here. Be sure to respond to emails and communicate with us early on any potential changes or pending items.



The SORF Board will vote on your application at the next scheduled allocation meeting. Dates and locations of allocation meetings are available here. Organizations do not need to be present at meetings unless specifically requested. Once an application is approved you will be notified automatically through email.



Once your application has been approved and you have held your event or made your purchase affiliated with the application that was filed then you must turn in the appropriate paperwork within 30 days in person to the RSO Office located on the second floor of the Illini Union. A more detailed explanation of the reimbursement process is available here and a list of downloadable forms can be found here.



After you have completed all of the required paperwork we ask that you fill out a brief testimonial form available here.


The SORF Board is responsible for allocating monetary resources, generated by the Student Organization Resource Fee, to RSO's in support of their programs and activities. The Board proposes their funding recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for final approval.

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